Sunday, November 30, 2008

John Carpenter- Escape From New York Original Motion Picture Score (1981)

Track Listing:

1. Main Title (3:52)
2. Up the Wall/Airforce1 (2:29)
3. Orientation #2 (1:48)
4. Engulfed Cathedral (Debussy) (3:33)
5. Back to the Pod/The Crazies Come Out (3:00)
6. Arrival at the Library (1:06)
7. Everyone’s Coming to New York (2:54)
8. The Duke Arrives/The Barricade (3:35)
9. Police State/Romero and the President (3:21)
10. The President at the Train (2:55)
11. The President is Gone (2:30)
12. Chase Across the 69th Street Bridge (2:33)
13. Over the Wall (3:43)


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mark Morgan Fallout OST

01 Metallic Monks
02 Desert Wind
03 A Traders Life
04 The Vault of the Future
05 Industrial Junk
06 Moribund World
07 Vats of Goo
08 City of the Dead
09 Second Chance
10 Underground Troubles
11 City of Los Angeles
12 Followers Credo
13 Radiation Storm
14 Acolytes of the New God
15 Flame of the Ancient World
16 Khans of New California

Monday, April 21, 2008

old experiments

Old stuff, but still interesting, its one from my vision about BSM2 This one contain some very original ideas: 1 begining area with different 3D perspective 2 no exit grids, travell only using worldmap item (you must remove it from cockpit of crashed vertibird) Later i deicided that its too experimental and maybe better is to make mod much more classic.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Top 3 laser guns

I see two options: made large amount of differend guns, or only few which can be upgraded during experience in repair and science skills. They will look the same but have different characteristic (more damage, ammo, range) Here is my 3 favourite: A only burst for close range B single and burst for medium range and medium damage C only single but long range. A and B slowly but best damage. These three guns will be enough i think. Download:

Friday, February 29, 2008

Container v5

Each point of perception increase your chances to find something by 10% and luck give extra 3-30% chances. Now you may select PER 7 and LUC 10 to have the same chances as PER 10 and LUC 1. With PER 6 and LUC 5 you have 60+15=75% chances. Luck will work as bonus to every action so its worth to select it. Amount of items depend on place where you search and will be randomly. For example junk: in boxes 1-1 in car wrecks 1-3 junk on table in workshop 1-5. Or food in boxes 1-1 in fridge 1-3. I think this system is best because simple and universal. Each action will test one stat plus luck bonus. Also am think about made very bad consequences when select "gifted"

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Junk generator

Car wrecks and boxes scenery turn into containers with this script. Chances to find something depend on few stats like PER to see a thing END because search require time and energy, also usefull LUC. Usualy such item could be junk, used later on workshop to build own items. Scrip work on map enter procedure, to avoid use typical cheat by load/save when failure.