Friday, February 29, 2008

Container v5

Each point of perception increase your chances to find something by 10% and luck give extra 3-30% chances. Now you may select PER 7 and LUC 10 to have the same chances as PER 10 and LUC 1. With PER 6 and LUC 5 you have 60+15=75% chances. Luck will work as bonus to every action so its worth to select it. Amount of items depend on place where you search and will be randomly. For example junk: in boxes 1-1 in car wrecks 1-3 junk on table in workshop 1-5. Or food in boxes 1-1 in fridge 1-3. I think this system is best because simple and universal. Each action will test one stat plus luck bonus. Also am think about made very bad consequences when select "gifted"

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Junk generator

Car wrecks and boxes scenery turn into containers with this script. Chances to find something depend on few stats like PER to see a thing END because search require time and energy, also usefull LUC. Usualy such item could be junk, used later on workshop to build own items. Scrip work on map enter procedure, to avoid use typical cheat by load/save when failure.